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Spray Tanning

  • Don’t have time to sit in the sun to receive that golden glow. We have the solution , try a spray tan. We offer several different blends so you can achieve the perfect color for your skin tone. You will be hand sprayed by a technician so you tan will be even.

You must to some prep before a spray tan.

Anyone allergic to peanuts can not spray tan, you will be given a form to sign saying you are not allergic to any form of nuts and nut oils

  • Shower with shampoo ( Use Prell, or a cheap shampoo that contains no moisturizer, it will  cuts the oil on skin so the tanning lotion will adhere )
  • Shave with hair condition the day prior to your spray tan. (cuts down on razor bumps)
  • The day of the tan do not use any moisturizer, lotion or perfumes.
  • Ware loose fiting  cloths.
  • After you tan no showers or getting wet for 12 hours.
  • When 12 hours are up, you can shower and use moisturizer, the more you use moisturizer  the longer your tan will last and will fade more even.
  • Price $ 31.00

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